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 Our Vision



Our Mission 

We believe that God has a call for the whole church—young or old, single or married, new or long-time believers—to a lifelong journey of becoming and making disciples of Jesus Christ. Our mission is simply what Jesus expressed in the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. Jesus loved God, loved others, and shared this Good News with all who would listen. We want to do what He commanded and live the way He lived. Our mission provides focus and direction. Everything we do as a church begins with it. Our annual plans, ministries, worship services, and communication are all evaluated against it.

Our mission is represented visually using three interlocking circular shapes. Each element is unique, yet it cannot be separated from the other two. The arrows suggest continual movement. Loving God keeps our eyes focused on the Author of our faith and flourishes best among a loving community of believers. Growing together is an ongoing process that is born from our love for God and must flow out into reaching the world. Reaching the world  is a journey fueled by the Holy Spirit and the desire to see all people come to know and love Him.



We see a church of real disciples not part-time believers…people that love God as the Father, follow Him as the teacher, and honor Him as the King…people that give themselves to one another, and the cause of the lost and the least.
We see a church of passion…people who stand so amazed at God’s grace that they can’t help but live lives of adventure and generosity.  We see God leading us to spend ourselves for those who can never pay us back…strong in children, student, missions and the poor.  We have been sent to serve and reach with the gospel of Christ.
We see a congregation that loves God with more than Sundays and cares for people with more than words.  We see a characteristically Spirit-filled church that moves in undeniable power yet stays non-religious and creative.  We see a church where people become whole in spirit, soul and body.
We see a community where the potential of every member gets realized, as people recognize that they are called, whether they work for the church or in the marketplace.  We see a growing team that is led by people that are greater on the inside than they are on the outside.
We see a mentoring church and a mission outpost, a worshipping family an authentic community. We see a house of prayer. We see a church as supernatural as its master…because He promised nothing less.  
It is with this in mind that every ministry is built and moves forward to honor God.  


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Here are a couple of devotions to help you on your spiritual walk. 

God’s Word for Today Devotion

 Five steps to read and understand the Bible

 Interested in a reading plan that gives you a tour of the Bible? Download the 180DaysGuidedTour








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